BREAKING NEWS: EM suspends Ludhiana Math teacher for encouraging factionalism and indiscipline in school


Chandigarh, August 13: The Punjab Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka today ordered to place the services of Rakesh Kumar Sood, Math Master posted in Senior Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar, Ludhiana, under suspension, for indulging in indiscipline and encouraging factionalism in school.

Taking serious note of teaching community indulging in factionalism rather than focusing on teaching the students, Maluka said that he would not allow any member of teaching faculty to vitiate the atmosphere of the schools. He said that factionalism and indiscipline create a wrong impact on the impressionable minds of young students.

Adding, he said moreover, due to factionalism they indulge in complaint campaign against each other that wastes the precious time of the government.

Appealing to the teaching community to focus on teaching and create conducive environment in the schools, Maluka said that it was imperative for them to give due regard and respect to the school head besides maintaining discipline and decorum in the school. He said that school heads should also give due regard to the subordinate teachers and any indiscipline by any teacher or school head would not be tolerated.

Monday, August 13, 2012