'Candidates' list’ on social media is fake, motivated by mischief, says Punjab Congress


Chandigarh, November 24, 2016: The Punjab Congress has staunchly denied the finalisation of the first list of its candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections, saying any such list reported to be in circulation was totally fake.
In a statement issued here, PPCC general secretary Captain Sandeep Sandhu said some list, purported to be the final first list of Congress candidates for the Assembly polls, was doing the rounds of the social media in what was clearly motivated by mischief at the behest of disruptive elements trying to trigger trouble for the party.
No list of candidates has either been finalized yet or released, he stated categorically, adding that mischievous elements were at work, spreading disinformation about the party.
Captain Sandhu said anyone taking the list seriously would do so at the risk of losing their own credibility.

Thursday, November 24, 2016