A view of Sukhbir Badal rally at Ferozepur.

FEROZEPUR, May 17, 2019: Due to rain, the campaigning for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls was affected on the last day.

Today SAD candidate Sukhbir Singh Badal hold rallies at Ferozepur and Guruharsahai. While addressing the rally at Ferozepur, Sukhbir said that the the development of nation depends on its Prime Minister. Praising Prime Minister Narender Modi, Sukhbir said that Modi has done which other Prime Minister could not do for the “Sikh Quom”. “Only those nations can develop which have a good Prime Minister and Modi is indeed a good Prime Minister”, said Sukhbir.

Ghubaya also addressed the party workers at Mudki and Mamdot. One of Ghubaya’s supporters on the condition of anonymity said that on the last day of campaigning, there is no such plan has been made. “Ghubaya ji had to cover the entire constituency to meet his new party workers for the first time. Today we have made no such plan but we will go to the villages as per the requests made by the party workers”, he added.

Hrajinder Singh Kaka Sran AAP candidate also had planned to hold public meetings in Mudki and Talwandi bhai in the morning but due to rain, he had to cancel his programme. “Bhaji asi tan sochya si swere-swere hi sare pind ghum aawange te lokan nu milna shuru kar dawange, par barish ne kamm kharab kar ditta hai” (We had planned to hold public meeting in the morning at various Villages but the rain has destroyed our plan. Now we will have to change it), said one of his supporters.

However, later Kaka along with his supporters hold door to door meetings in Talwandi Bhai. “Bhaji main jitu ya harun, uh menu nahin pata, par main mukabla jarur tagda daunga (I am not sure I will win or not, but definitely I will give a tough fight)”, said Harjinder Kaka Sran.

Hans Raj Golden, People Democratic Alliance candidate also said that the rain has spoiled their plan in the morning. “I had planned to meet people in Mukdi Talwandi area in the morning but due to rain, the programme had to be changed. On the last day, I went Village Sande Hasham, Sher Khan, Uggo Ke, Sher Khan, Mudki and Talwandi Bhai to meet the voters”, said Golden.
Friday, May 17, 2019