Capt Amarinder describes SAD-INLD alliance as ‘political perversion’


Capt Amarinder Singh.

Chandigarh, September 10, 2014: Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder today said that the Badals’ alliance with the Indian National Lok Dal in Haryana, while sharing power with the BJP in Punjab not only betrays their moral bankruptcy but also amounts to political perversion that has hardly any parallels in the history and politics across India.
Reacting to the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his Deputy Chief Minister son Sukhbir Badal’s assertion that the INLD and Akalis will form the government in Haryana, Capt Amarinder dared them to clarify their stand on various interstate issues with Haryana, like the transfer of Chandigarh and the sharing of river waters before leading the INLD-SAD campaign there.
The former Chief Minister observed, Badals’ decision to align with the INLD in Haryana was his personal as he had not taken the party into confidence about it. “Even though we all know that the Badals’ are running the Akali Dal like any of their other privately owned profit making companies, yet such political decisions are usually taken after consultations in the party’s highest decision making body”, he pointed out, while adding, “the father-son duo did not bother to do the formality (of taking approval from the party) even”.
The senior Congress leader remarked, “nevertheless it is the internal ‘family’ matter of the Badals (and not the party matter as the Akali Dal has been reduced to a family property), they still owe an explanation to the people of Punjab as how can they be the alliance partners of a party in Punjab while opposing the same party in the immediate neighbourhood of Haryana. “Doesn’t it reflect the dual character?” he asked.
Capt Amarinder asked, people of Punjab would like to know Badals’ stand on various issues like the sharing of water and transfer of Chandigarh on which the INLD and Akalis are having diametrically opposed stands. “I can understand that Badals’ may have family and business commitments with the Chautalas in Haryana but should that mean they can compromise the interests of Punjab for that?” he asked, while referring to their dual character that always keeps personal interest paramount to the party and the state interest.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014