Capt Amarinder promises free cancer treatment, permanent solution to problem in cancer belt


Faridkot/Jaito, January 31, 2017: Punjab Congress president and chief ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh has announced free treatment for cancer victims in Punjab, while promising a permanent solution to the problem of cancer-causing pollution in the Malwa region of the state.

Captain Amarinder was addressing public rallies in Faridkot and Jaito, which lie in the cancer belt of the state and have been suffering from growing incidence of the cancer and other diseases as a result of the apathy of the Badal government, which failed to address the problem during their 10-year rule.

In Faridkot, flanked by Congress candidate Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon, Captain Amarinder said the people of the region were suffering from the double whammy of losing their loved ones to cancer and having to struggle to meet the heavy costs of treatment.

In Jaito, party candidate Mohd. Sadiq expressed concern at the escalating problem, caused by the polluted water from Ludhiana and Jalandhar making its way to the Sutlej river through the region.

The PPCC president said he was committed to rescuing the people of the region, which had given Punjab the dubious distinction of becoming the cancer capital of India, from the health crisis triggered by the Akali government’s failure to find an impactful solution to the pollution causing the health problems, and to ensure affordable treatment for those afflicted by the disease.

The Congress government, he promised, would find a solution for the disposal of the toxic industrial waste and contaminants spoiling the underground water in the region.

Captain Amarinder assured the farmers that his government would implement a series of measures to revive agricultural growth in the state, and bring prosperity and smiles back into their lives.

The Punjab Congress president flayed the Badal government for pushing agriculture and industry to a shocking low, causing Punjab to come down from its glorious status of the country’s leading and most prosperous state. While agriculture has collapsed to an abominable low, industries had been fleeing the state to escape the unfriendly policies of the Akali government and fine refuge in more conducive growth environment of other states, he added.

He promised to take immediate steps for the revival of both, after coming to power, while reiterated his commitment to provide jobs to the unemployed youth, thus giving them gainful employment and also weaning them away from the drugs menace.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017