CELEBRATE Women's Day With Zee TV Stars




Kratika believes that everyday should be celebrated in honour of women as they devote their lives to their families and help family members in fulfilling their dreams. According to her, Women’s Day should be celebrated on the same scale as Valentine’s Day and other special days. It should not just be restricted to one day but celebrated across 365 days of a year. The men in our lives should make it a point to celebrate the important women in their lives- their wife, mother, sister or friend to make them feel special and happy. It will be a way to say thanks to them for their love and support. She idolizes Sushmita Sen as she is a strong woman with a great combination of beauty and brains.


Asha, who plays the character of Purvi in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta  says that every woman is special as she plays multiple roles in her life – that of a caring mother, protective sister, understanding wife, supportive girlfriend, etc. She considers it a privilege to be a woman and therefore strongly supports the celebration of Women’s Day. This is the one day that every woman should indulge her every whim and fancy, living out each and every moment to the fullest.Asha admires her own mother a lot as she believes that her mother is the perfect housewife as well as a caring, understanding and supportive mother. And, most of all she is her best friend.


While Surbhi agrees that a woman often plays an invisible role in business, she is also important in decision making and often supports a man’s traditional business domains but is rarely recognized or rewarded. Despite that she loves being a women and feels that Women’s Day should not be restricted to just a single day as women serve their families for all 365 days of a year. So it will be biased if only one day is devoted for the female gender.  She adores her nani and mom a lot. She hopes to be like her nani who dedicated her life and love unselfishly to every generation in her family.


Rati Pandey feels pride and joy being a woman. She opines that women are needed at home to look after their families and raise the children of the house. Since she gives her time and love, freely and without abandon, she cannot be reimbursed in monetary terms. Women hold a key position in shaping the next generationand are also responsible for the success of the family. Rati is inspired by her mother who is a hardworking, understanding and a kind human being.


The young actor says that he owes his life itself to a woman – his mother! Behind every successful man there is a woman. Rithvik attributes all his success in life to the moral and values he received from his mother.  To be fair, he says that just one day would not be sufficient to celebrate a woman asshe makes many sacrifices for the happiness and well being of her family.Indeed, whenever he does something special for his mom, is a celebration of Women’s Day for him. Rithvik loves his mom because of her protective, understanding, caring and supportive nature.

Friday, March 1, 2013