CENTRAL TEAM APPRISED OF: Monsoon losses in Kangra district


The central team looks at the monsoon losses in Kangra.

City Air News photo: Arvind Sharma

Dharamsala, December 11, 2012: A six member central  team lead by Rasmi Goel, Joint Secretary (Home) visited the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday, to take on the spot note, of the loses in the area during the monsoon this year.

The team visited Tiara, Meherna, Salol, Bhorballi, Boht-Kualu and Old Kangra areas before taking the estimates of the local administration.

Deputy Commissioner of Kangra KR Bharti  told the team that the area had suffered the losses by rain worth about Rs. 181 crore, which included losses of Rs. 42 crore in Revenue Department , Rs. 92 crore in roads, Rs. 30 crore in water supply schemes, Rs. 3.5 crore in electricity supply, Rs. 2 crore in agriculture and Rs. 12 crore in the horticulture sectors.

Bharti apprised the team that because of the heavy monsoon six people lost their life and 287 animals also killed during the rainy season. 478 houses, 274 cow sheds and 305 government buildings were damaged during the season.

The central team was also accompanied by Dr. GK  Choudhary (Director, Agriculture  Ministry), Dina Nath (Deputy Director Finance), Padam Dorje (Director, Central Water Mission), Ajmer Singh (Regional Officer, Surface Transport) and SP Arya (Deputy Secretary, Rural Development Ministry).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012