Chandrani's Autumn/Winter collection, 'Mrityunjay' is her tribute to Shiva


Chandrani Siingh Fllora Autumn Winter 2016 at Amazon India Fashion Week.

Mrityunjay, another name for Shiva - the conqueror of death — is for attaining patience & power to regain positivity by shedding all negatives of life & soul. Symbols of Shiva like the trishul, conch shell, cannabis leaf have been incorporated in the prints & embroidery of the pieces.

Her collection questions the notion of formal - casual and seamlessly blends the same in stride. She has incorporated casual and sportswear detailing in formal clothing, highlighting the hybrid lifestyles we live in. The styling of the collection is also in tow with the same mood. The colour palette for the collection is a homogeneous mix of snow white, corroded rust, midnight Himalayan blue, ash grey, tones of indigo, Boroline green and various shades of yellow used in solids as well as handwoven stripes combined with ombre effects. Chandrani's forte lies in her ability to have a modern perspective while retaining the traditional Indian crafting techniques. Boroline is a very common scented antiseptic cream popular all over India. Boroline enlivens dead and decaying skin! Chandrani's association with Boroline for this collection is also a very significant step philosophically.

Saturday, March 19, 2016