Chauhan’s to win a lottery in Sony SAB’s Trideviyaan


The Trideviyaan cast - Shalini Sahuta, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Rituraj Singh & Samaira Rao.

Trouble never ends for Sony Sab’s Trideviyaan. In the coming track Trideviyaan are up for another task. But this time the entire Chauhan family put themselves in predicament.
Dhanu (Aishwarya Sakhuja) and Tanu’s (Samaira Rao) mother-in- law, Suhasini Chauhan (Dhruvee Haldankar) is forced by a person to buy a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket is worth 5 crores. When she comes home and check the lottery results she find that she has won the lottery.
Shaurya (Anshul Trivedi) and Garv (Winy Tripathi) who gets super excited knowing that they won 5 crores in a lottery without thinking twice they order highly expensive instruments at their respective workplaces. Our Trideviyaan also fall in for the news and order for a lot of expensive appliances for their house. Even before claiming the amount everyone according to their convenience order various products they desired for themselves which sums up to almost a crore.
Happy and excited about winning a lottery everyone rushes to the office without realizing that they have forgotten the ticket at home. The real problem starts when the Chauhan’s reach home and they are unable to find the ticket.
How will the Chauhan’s cope up with the situation? How will they pay for all that they have ordered.
Commenting on the track, Shalini Sahuta who plays Manu says, “The Chauhan’s are going to get shattered when they come to know that they have lost the lottery ticket. Sank in debt, they will have to find a way out to pay for the things they have purchased. To overcome the situation, everyone gives out hilarious suggestion which will be fun to watch.”
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Friday, April 21, 2017