CHETAN Hansraj makes his return to the small screen with Jodha Akbar!


Watch Chetan as Adham Khan in ‘Jodha Akbar’, starting on 18th June at 8 PM on Zee TV.

Ekta Kapoor casts the handsome actor as Adham Khan

When you last saw Chetan Hansraj, he was on the big screen doing what he does best – being the villain to whoever was the hero of the day. The roguishly handsome actor is now all set to come back to the world of television with Zee TV’s historical magnum opus – Jodha Akbar! Chetan is to play Adham Khan, the son of Mahamanga and foster brother to emperor Akbar. 

Though auditions for the lead roles took months, it seems that Chetan was an immediate pick for the part. The character of Adham Khan is Mahamanga’s son who was always compared to Akbar and detested it. Though physically stronger than Akbar, his mother always put him down in comparison which led to him feeling hurt and thinking that his mother preferred Akbar over him.

Although he once again is playing a negative character, the actor doesn’t necessarily think it is a bad thing. “There are many facets to playing a negative character onscreen. There are shades of grey along with the deep dark shades of negativity that one needs to portray. Plus, playing the bad guy has never lost me any fans. In fact my fans have always appreciated the different negative characters I have played and always send me their love and support. It is also said that women love bad boys, so isn’t that a win-win situation?!” says Chetan with an impish grin.

When asked about working with Balaji repeatedly, Chetan says “ Everyone knows that I started my career with Balaji, so it's an amazing experience working with them again and again. It always makes me feel like I'm working for my home production.


Friday, June 14, 2013