CHINA seems to be very keen to improve relations with India: Dalai Lama


HH The Dalai Lama at Kangra Airport before leaving to USA on Sunday afternoon. He is visiting US for about two weeks. He will visit different places in US during this tour. A large number of devotees had arrived at the Kangra Airport at the time of His departure. They even sought blessings from Him. A small child was even seen offering a flower to HH The Dalai Lama at the time of His departure inside the airport. Tight security arrangements were witnessed on the occasion.

City Air News photos by: Shyam Sharma, Dharamsala

Dharamsala, May 5, 2013: Dalai Lama at Gaggal airport when asked about the China’s infiltration in Laddakh, avoided making any direct comment on the subject.

Dalai Lama said, “I think overall the attitude from the Chinese side seems to be I think very keen to improve relations with India that’s the overall picture so that I don’t know...”.

The Tibetan spiritual leader left for a fortnight tour to US via Delhi on Sunday noon.

Later Pema Chhinjor, Religion and Culture Minister-in-Exile, when asked, clarified on the subject a bit more  by saying, “He is leaving for Delhi and then from Delhi to USA. He will be visiting for about two weeks in various places in USA. There will be teachings and public talks and he is going to have very busy schedule so we have come here to see him off.”

He keep on saying about the Canines activities inside the Indian territory , "I think it’s been doing for last couples of years on and off they are trying to tease India, they are trying to make… I don’t know why and what the aim. His holiness said just now is that overall China wants to improve the relationship with India that’s one thing but at the same time why they are doing these things. It’s a big question. Are they trying to scare India?"

Sunday, May 5, 2013