Chitkara University brings “HYMNS from the SOIL” by Master Chef Vikas Khanna


Chef Vikas launching his book at Chitkara University  with Niyati Chitkara and Dr CM Bhan Director Chitkara School of hospitality.

Chandigarh, May 23, 2014: Chitkara School of Hospitality proudly hosted the release of Michelin - Starred Celebrity Master Chef- Vikas Khanna’s forthcoming cookbook “HYMNS from the SOIL”. The budding chefs of Chitkara School of Hospitality and the members of Chitkara University were overwhelmed to meet and see the award winning Chef amongst them.
As a prolific author Chef Vikas has penned a number of books, “HYMNS from the SOIL, a vegetarian saga” is his newest edition to his cookbooks. At the launch, Chef Vikas shared that this book is an exquisite amalgamation of gentle, pure, heart-warming tales from a vegetarian kitchen that overflows with nature’s harvest. The recipes in the book accentuate the purity and spirituality of vegetarian food while bringing in cultural and regional nuances. This food journey is interspersed with his own personal journey – whether it is going back to his kitchen garden in Amritsar and waiting for the cardamom to grow as a curious child or to exploring the cardamom spice farms as an adult, with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm.
Vikas spoke to the Chitkara’s Budding Chefs and said, “Mother Earth in all languages and cultures in India is synonymous with the gentle, soothing and caring mother who loves and lives for her children. Beautiful vegetables and fruits growing in the purity of the soil are yet another manifestation of her love. HYMNS from the SOIL I try to offer gratitude and prayer to Mother Earth for her abundance.”  
Commenting on the session, Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Vice Chancellor, Chitkara University said, “Chef Vikas is an idol in the food & hospitality industry, Chefs - to - be do look upto him as their role model.  The idea of hosting the book launch at Chitkara University was to share Vikas’s thoughts on vegetarian food. We really wanted our students to be experimental when it comes to tickling the taste buds with the food they create. The students indeed learnt a lot from Master Chef Vikas Khanna’s session”.

Friday, May 23, 2014