Chuhiya's Kite flying skills put Chidiyaghar into trouble


Babuji, Chuhiya and Kapi in Chidiyaghar.
photo: city air news

On the occasion of Makarsankranti, Chidiyaghar’s Narayan family is all set to celebrate the festival with full excitement and zeal but little did they know that they are inviting trouble while they are enjoying kite flying in their terrace.

Chuhiya, the only member in the family who knows to fly a kite was forced by the family members to fly a kite in their terrace. Soon they realized that she is a champion in flying a kite. At the same time, a politician was promoting himself and had organized a kite flying function. He was satisfying his ego by cutting everyone’s kite. However his happiness didn’t last long when Chuhiya cut off his kite. Infuriated with the defeat he tracks down Chuhiya and threatens the Narayan family. The Politician’s challenge is that Chuhiya has to take part in Kite flying competition organized by him so that he can defeat her and restore his reputation among his followers.

Adding to the story Trishika Tripati who plays the role of Chuhiya said, “Threatened by the Politician, Chidiyaghar member decides to be defeated by him so that he can win the competition. Chuhiya even buys cheap quality of Kite strings to be defeated easily. However there is much bigger twist in the track that the audience will witness during the competition. I am sure they will enjoy the track.”

What will happen in the competition? What more twist does the track have?

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Monday, January 16, 2017