CICU organises awareness programme on cyber crime


CICU, Ludhiana organising an Awareness Programme on “cyber crime” for the safety of Punjab industrialists and businessmen.

Ludhiana, June 28, 2013: Keeping in view swift increase in Cyber Crimes targeting Industrialists and Businessmen in Punjab, CICU organised an Awareness Programme on “cyber crime” for the safety of Punjab industrialists and businessmen. 

Cyber Crime Investigator, Ivneet Singh from Malasiya was invited to share his expertise and guide the participants; how to be alert and what measures should be taken to protect the Industries from such frauds. 

He revealed that with advancement of technology and education, the criminal have changed the way of committing frauds.  He further narrated that the criminals’ main targets are Importers/Exporters and they always look out for the data & accounts numbers of the businessmen; and on getting the same, they hack get the data  and amounts transferred from their accounts.  He also told the stories that how he saved one Industrialist from a fraud of Rs. 25.00 lacs and; how a cyber criminal got Rs.10 lakh transferred to his account from the account of one industrialist.  So there are many such instances where businessmen are being targeted for cheatings and frauds.

The Investigation Expert also mentioned that we have to take appropriate measures to secure ourselves from such crimes by adopting specialised software and technologies to save our data of computers. By adopting the said security measures, we can safeguard ourselves from such frauds of the cyber criminals.  Harpreet Khattar and Kshitjit Adhlakha also shared their views and techniques for safeguarding from fraudsters. 

Around 50 Industrialists participated in the programme. These included Manjit Singh Khalsa, Chairman, UPCMA, Jagtar Singh, Gobind Expeller, Ashok Juneja, T R Mishra, Jaswinder Singh Birdi, Surjit Singh Crystal, Sudarshan Gosain, Ram Lubhayaya Singh, Phuman Singh, S.S. Passi, Manmohan Singh Ubhi and Parveen Garg.

Upkar Singh Ahuja, Joint Secretary and Avtar Singh, General Secretary, mentioned that on the one side they can improve productivity and efficiency with IT; on the other side, it is very important to be aware of about pitfalls.  CICU will further organise seminars and conferences to update its members.

Friday, June 28, 2013