CICU organises meeting with Municipal Corporation Ludhiana (MCL)


Ludhiana, February 13, 2018: Chamber organized a meeting with S. Jaskiran Singh, IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana at CICU Complex, Focal Point, Ludhiana. The objective of the meeting is to aware the conditions of the Roads, Sewerage, Street Light, Encroachments, Dumping yard and Pollution in Focal Point area.

Sh.Upkar Singh, President, CICU while welcoming the Chief Guest and other dignitaries informed that the Industrialists of the Focal Point faced numerous problems due to bad conditions of the roads, unauthorized parking, Sewerage, dumping yard, Street Lights etc. He further said that the Garbage Dumped and lying openly on the Roads, which give the shabby look and bad smell to the road users. The industrialist of the Focal Point are the highest payers for GST and other Govt. revenues and provide employment to Lakhs of people and paying all Municipal Corporation Bills timely. He also requested to Hon’ble Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana to take necessary steps.

Sh. Pankaj Sharma, General Secretary, CICU addressed all the dignitaries and said that the Heavy Vehicles have been permanently parked on the both sides of the roads in the Focal Point area. He further said that the Industrialists and road users are facing lots of problems due to bad condition and unrepaired roads in the area. The bad condition of the roads and pot holes may cause any casualty as there is no smooth running for the Fire brigade vehicles.

Sh. Ram Lubhaya, Vice President, CICU informed that the undue delay has created unhealthy environmental conditions and bad impression especially to foreign delegations, when they are visiting to focal point area for business purposes. He also said that the Street light system on the roads are very poor and needs lot of improvements to maintain the visibility and to avoid the accidents and this is heading to many snatchings and theft incidents. He also said that the stave dogs wandering openly and created panic in this areas by attacking and fear to injure the road users.

Sh. Jaskiran Singh, IAS Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana understand the problems being faced by Industrialists of the Focal Points and said that the SE and Senior Officers will coordinate with CICU weekly for improvement of Work. He further said that the authority of the parks handover to the industrialists in a week. The Mechanical Sweeper will start shortly in focal point areas and 10 compaction plants will be started shortly for solid waste management.

He further said that the Plastic made toilets and urinals will be installed in specific area in Focal Points and Ash disposal site for dumping will be earmarked in one week. As conditions of the roads a New Tipper and JCB will be provided to focal point areas to fill the big pot holes and new roads will construct as soon as possible.

The vote of thanks was presented by Sh. Didarjit Singh. The meeting was attended by S/Sh. S.M Mehta, Gautam Malhotra, Charnjit Singh Sachdeva, Naresh Bansal, Ajmer Singh Chahal, Manmohan Singh Ubhi, H.S Pahwa, R.K Sachdeva, Phuman Singh, Inderpal Singh, Bhagwant Singh, Kishore Ladia, Anil Gupta, Tarlochan Singh, S.K Sayal, Kamaljit Singh, Sanjay Dhiman, Rohit Sareen, Kuljit Singh, J.K Gupta, Suresh Kapoor, K. Pahwa, Rajeev Sayal and other prominent members.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018