CICU Skill Development Centre Organised Session on Stress Management


Ludhiana: A Session was organised by Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings at CICU Skill Development Centre, M.C.Block No.2, Second Floor, Gill Road Ludhiana with its NULM/PMKVY students and industry representatives. This function was inaugurated by Sh.Pankaj Sharma, Gen.Secy.,CICU.

Sh. Upkar Singh Ahuja President CICU and Sh. Pankaj Sharma, Gen.Secy. CICU said that our daily life is full of stress due to many reasons. It can be relating to work, family circumstances, personal habits and attitudes and interaction with the people surrounding us for various reasons. It has a negative effect on our work efficiency, health and relationships with our nears and dears and colleagues etc. The person with the stress can take the wrong decisions, delay the actions required. He is generally low in productivity and quality while at work he is unable to keep him happy due to his wrong behavior, strained relationships, poor inter-personal communications and soft skills etc. So this session will enlighten the participants for better behavior and communication skills resulting in happiness in the lives of the participants.

The participative and thought provoking session was conducted by Mrs. Vaneera Garg from Art of Living. She is expert in taking motivational classes and human energy channeling processes with meditation and yoga/spiritual methods. She explained in details the reasons of stress in our lives, various remedial methods and techniques to control and reduce stress significantly. She also explained that how stress can cause number of diseases like blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, frustration and serious mental and physical disorders. It also reduces our productivity and quality of work as well as our healthy relationships with the family and society.

She also explained the importance of channeling human energy for better performance and life. She explained how meditation and yoga exercises can do the wonders in this respect.

More than 50 trainees of CICU Skill Development Centre and its staff attended the session in a very interesting and exciting way. They all felt relaxed, calm and happy after the meditation exercise. They also appreciated the learning in the program.

Sh. N.K. Gupta Director CICU, who coordinated the program for its success expressed his deep gratitude to Mrs. Vaneera Garg for sharing her excellent knowledge and expertise in a very simple and understandable way for the benefit of the participants. He was hopeful that the participants will definitely follow the techniques and methods to reduce stress and use physical energy which will make them more efficient, healthy and happy. It will help to practically adopt the concepts of Art of Living in their lives.

Monday, June 10, 2019