CICU urges government to pay special attention on industrial fire safety


Ludhiana, November 4, 2013: In concern with the recent fire in garment factory in Ludhiana, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) Ludhiana has urged the Mayor and Commissioner Municipal Corporation to Strengthen the Fire Brigade.

In a statement here on Monday, the CICU Ludhiana joint secretary Upkar Singh said the industry pay heave taxes as property tax (earlier House Tax) fire cess, licence fee, octroi on electricity whereas industry is not given proper attention road condition and sewerage system is in pathetic condition.

He added if they speak about fire safety management this is because of the fact that fire cess is being charged with property tax and on the other hand no arrangement is there to Control fire. He added whenever there is an incident department has to take help from Army and Airforce.

When a fire broke out every minute is important and it takes hours to fire brigade to reach the site, vehicles are very old, staff is not efficient.

“Sometimes the lid of pipe is jam and does not work, even vehicle reaches and not able to spray water, fire staff is at retiring age and not efficient and motivated”, he said, adding CICU urges the government to pay special attention on industrial fire safety.

Monday, November 4, 2013