CMC doctor gets advance training in deformity correction and limb reconstruction from Beijing


Dr Ritesh Pandey.

Ludhiana, October 18, 2018: Dr.Ritesh Pandey, Associate professor at Christian Medical College (CMC) & Hospital’s Orthopedics department, has recently pursued advance training in deformity correction and limb reconstruction from Beijing, China. Earlier, he had acquired special training in Pediatric Orthopedics and was treating complex deformities in children. These included deformities present by birth, following injury to limbs, polio, cerebral palsy, those due to spine abnormalities, following bone infections and many more.
According to Dr. Ritesh, limb deformities are considered to be complex problem in orthopedics. Very few Orthopedics surgeons have adequate training to deal with these types of cases. As a result, large number of patients continues to live with their deformities and remain disabled. Majority of them belong to poor and middle class families of our society who don’t have access to these facilities and can’t afford going to big cities for treatment. But now the treatment of these types of cases is now available at CMC, Ludhiana.
Dr. William Bhatti, Director of CMC Hospital Ludhiana, informed that with Dr. Ritesh’s joining back to CMC, we have advanced facilities for limb lengthening and correction of complex deformities of upper and lower limb. This will benefit large number of patients in Punjab and neighboring states.

Thursday, October 18, 2018