Commissioner of Police Ludhiana dismisses 2 police personnel from service with immediate effect


Ludhiana, July 14, 2017: R.N.Dhoke, Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, on Friday, has dismissed two police personnel from service with immediate effect, while exercising his powers conferred under rule 16.2(1) of PPR read with section 7 of Police Act, 1861 and under article 311(2)(b) of the Constitution of India.
According to an official information, the two police personnel who have been dismissed are: HC/PP Kamaljit Singh No.649/LDH posted in Commissionerate Ludhiana and ASI/ORP Swarn Singh No.528/LDH posted in Commissionerate Ludhiana.
The dismissal orders said that both the police personnel have been indulging in promotion of various criminal activities like illegal lotteries, sports gambling, prostitution etc. Kamaljit Singh had also been involved in criminal case bearing FIR No.06 dated February 10, 2014 u/s 7.13(2), PC Act and added 13(1) D.R/V 88 PC Act and 120-B IPC, PS Vigilance Bureau, Ludhiana. As per the official record available with the department Swarn Singh was found to be involved in various criminal cases bearing FIR No.79 dated April 18, 2006, u/s 323/341 IPC, PS Division No.6, Ludhiana, FIR No.81 dated May 1, 2016, u/s 306 IPC PS GRP, Ludhiana and FIR No.63 dated May 16, 2016, u/s 7,13 D, PC Act 1988, PS Dugri, Ludhiana.

The orders of dismissal of both the police personnel were passed separately.In both the cases, Dhoke passed the orders stating that and whereas, after perusing the official record and after applying his unbiased, independent mind, he, being the competent authority, after examining and considering all the aspects, have made up his mind that it is not at all desirable to retain the police personnel in service at the public expense. He further said that he is convinced that their continuous misconduct with cumulative effect and indulgence in promotion of criminal activities reveals incorrigibility complete unfitness for the police service. Their retention and continuation in service will be harmful to the interest of the state as well as the general public. To safeguard these interests with immediate effect, he considers that it is impracticable and inexpedient to hold any enquiry against them at this stage.
In his orders, Police Commissioner said, he, being the competent authority, is also well aware that the penalty of dismissal from service is very harsh and opressive for a public servant, but no sympathy can outweigh the consideration of the public interest and regard for public good.

Friday, July 14, 2017