CONTROVERSIAL film ‘Saada Haq’ breaks records overseas


In a press conference held at Ludhiana on Wednesday, Producer of the film Kuljinder Sidhu, Dinesh Sood and Director Mandeep Benipal sharing the course of struggle they had to face while making ‘Saada Haq’.

Ludhiana, May 8, 2013: Showcasing the dreadful events through which Punjab underwent in era of 80’s and 90’s, film ‘Sada Haq’ will be released on May 10 in Mumbai and nationwide.

Right from its beginning the movie has been surrounded by controversies and has been banned thrice due to which makers had to struggle a lot to bring ‘Saada Haq’ before audience.

In a press conference held at Ludhiana today, Producer of the film Kuljinder Sidhu, Dinesh Sood and Director Mandeep Benipal shared the course of struggle they had to face while making ‘Saada Haq’.

Sidhu said that due to its plot the movie has been talk of the town since a long time. The film is inspired by true events which have become dark spots in Punjab’s history. The movie unfolds many untold stories of that time in a very true manner. Making of ‘Saada Haq’ was indeed a very challenging job. Even after it was complete the film had to struggle a lot to get certificate for its release, which took a time of 7 months. First of all Mumbai censor board banned the movie by objecting on its subject. After that the review committee of the censor board rejected to provide the certificate to the movie. Even the religious statements of Sikhs ‘Raj karega Khalsa, aaki rahe na koy’ was found objectionable by them. The case went to the highest religious body of Sikhs, ‘Shiromani Prabandhak Committee’. After watching, the committee stood by the movie and personally wrote a letter to the censor board for approving it. Only then ‘Film Certification Appellant Tribunal’ which is the top most authority of censor board had a screening of ‘Saada Haq’ and provided it with ‘U’ certificate. After all this haphazard situation a decision was taken to release ‘Saada Haq’ worldwide on May 5 but just one day before that (May 4), the state governments of Punjab, Chandigarh and Delhi posed a ban on the release of the film.

During the press conference Producer Dinesh Sood also told that after the movie was banned the major Sikh organisation, leaders and general public protested on a large scale worldwide and demanded the lift on the ban. The Producers even went to Supreme Court regarding its release. Supreme Court’s Council Member Committee then appointed four of its members who saw the movie again and approved it with an ‘A’ certificate. Now finally the movie will release throughout the nation on May 10.

Considering the record breaking success of ‘Saada Haq’ overseas Producer Dinesh Sood said that the movie has proved as a milestone in Punjabi Film industry. This is for the first time that a movie with such a realistic plot has broken the records of all the Punjabi films released till date in UK and US with such an overwhelming love and appreciation of audience. The reason behind this is the subjective plot of the film and the way it has been presented beautifully on screen.

Director of ‘Saada Haq’ Mandeep Benipal said that to make a movie on this issue was very difficult task for which a lot of effort was put in. He also added that movie has been highly acclaimed overseas. Now considering such a great response the film is now being also dubbed in English and Hindi too. Film ‘Saada Haq’ is also been sent to 2 different award ceremonies. The music of the movie is also been highly appreciated.

The story of the film is written by Kuljinder Sidhu who is also in the main lead. Other than him the cast includes Pramod Matho, Gaurav Kakkar, Dhrati Saharan and Dinesh Sood. The film is directed by Mnadeep Benipal and music is given by Jatinder Shah. Jazzy B, Lehmber Hussainpuri and Fateh Shergill have voiced the songs. Action sequences are directed by famous fight master Darshan Mahal. ‘Saada Haq’ will also be seen in Hindi and English too

Wednesday, May 8, 2013