In conversation with Shruti Seth a.k.a Priya in Sony SAB's TV, Biwi aur Main


Shruti Seth as Priya Gupta in Sony SAB's TV,Biwi aur Main.

The glamourous and multi-talented actress Shruti Seth is all set to make her comeback to daily soap with Sony SAB’s upcoming show TV, Biwi aur Main. Shruti who will be playing the role of Priya, Rajeev’s (Karan Veer Mehra) wife talks briefly about her character in the show
Why did you choose TV,Biwi aur Main?
Firstly, TV, Biwi aur Main is a comedy show and I always prefer comedy. I somehow feel I am lucky that I have worked only in comedy and even when I decided to do a comeback it is comedy. Secondly, the number of days I am shooting is comparatively less than others. I have a little daughter and I had been staying away from television consciously because of the hectic schedule which I couldn’t afford.
Would you relate yourself with Priya?
Most of my characters are very close to what I am as a person. But this character of Priya is very much relatable. She is a modern thinking woman and her relationship with her mother-in-law is kind of naughty and I am naughty in my real life as well. She is fun equal partner of her husband and I feel that’s where we connect. In all there are certain traits of her through which I can immediately relate to the character.
How will audience relate to your character?
I think all women can relate to my character in TV Biwi Aur Main. Her traits are very much like every wife one knows. Women are never really satisfied and then they don’t know what they want. Women are generally unhappy with their husbands.
Have you ever been caught up in a situation where you disagree with your mother-in-law?
It’s not only with mother-in-law; I guess we sometimes don’t agree with our parents too. We sometimes have to agree to certain things sheer out of respect and to keep them happy. It is those small things everyone does in their life.
Have you ever spied your husband’s phone?
Yes I have spied his phone and I always do.
One rumor that you would want to hear about your husband.
That he had signed one a 100 crore budget film.
Catch the beautiful Shruti Seth in TV, Biwi aur Main which will air from 13th June, Monday – Friday at 9.30pm only on Sony SAB!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017