Couple blessed with twins after 8 years of marriage through IVF at DMCH


Ludhiana, March 17, 2017: In Vitro Ferilization (IVF) Centre of DMCH recently brought happiness to the lives of a couple who didn’t have any children since eight years of their marriage. According to treating gynaecologist and IVF specialist- Dr Suman Puri (Professor & Unit Head of Obstetrics & Gyanecology), patient Kriti Singla (aged 41 years, female) was undergoing treatment for her infertility problem from different private centers of Punjab but to no avail. Finally, a city doctor referred patient to DMCH under Dr Suman Puri for IVF treatment.

According to Dr Suman Puri, IVF Centre of DMCH has ultramodern facilities and state-of-art equipments. In the case of patient Kriti Singh, IVF treatment was done with latest technology, in which she conceived in the first cycle and delivered twins-a boy and a girl weighing 2.3 kgs and 2.5 kgs respectively at 36 weeks of gestation. Both twins were delivered on Women's Day falling on 8th March and were satisfactorily discharged on 16th March, 2017.

IVF Centre at DMCH offers all facilities related with IVF including IUI, Laser Hatching, Semen Freezing, Egg Freezing, ICSI, Semen Banking, Egg Embryo Donation, Oocyte Banking and Oocyte freezing. DMCH also offers TESA,MESA and PESA for male infertility.

It is seen that advanced age adversely affects woman’s egg supply and its quantity and quality also gets deteriorated after 35 years of age. With egg freezing, a woman can serve as her own egg donor when she is ready to conceive later in her life.

Every patient at DMCH gets personalized attention with affordable treatment. With standardized quality control, IVF Centre of DMCH has high success rate.

Friday, March 17, 2017