Covid-19:  Economy going through major slowdown

Demand and supply chain disrupted 

Covid-19:  Economy going through major slowdown
Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina.

“With the advent of the Covid-19 in India, the economy will be going through a major slowdown.
It has disrupted the demand and supply chain across the country especially in our Industry. Suppliers in China are struggling to supply the desired quantity after the Corona Virus outbreak and we, the kitchen appliance industry specifically are facing a new threat because of the disrupt in the normal course of working. It has jeopardized the entire sales channel which ultimately is sending hard and silent shock waves to the economy of the country.
Still we are continuously exploring alternative strategies to combat the growing difficulties between the two countries in terms of the supply chain.
When the whole world is traumatized by this deadly pandemic, Our Honorable Finance Ministry has introduced slew of relief measures to mitigate and recoup from fall in the business revenues. The extension in the Income Tax filing and reliefs in compliance till June 30, is quite essential to tide over these difficult circumstances.”

Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina