CPI Ludhiana District protest against deteriorating health services in Punjab


CPI Ludhiana District stage a protest against deteriorating health services in Punjab. 

Ludhiana, December 18, 2015: The District Unit of the Communist Party of India (CPI) strongly criticised total apathy of the Akali-BJP government in the state towards the deteriorating health services in the state. Speaking at a rally organised by the party to expose the government’s apathy and to demand upgradation and modernisation of the local Civil Hospital Com D P Maur District Assistant Secretary of the party said that the present Civil Hospital in a big city of over thirty lakh population is hardly capable to meet the basic healthcare needs of the area what to talk of advanced medical care. That is why large number of people from weaker sections are not able to avail the modern healthcare. He pointed out that in the event of a serious illness people have to look towards the corporate hospital who are exorbitantly expensive which leads to untimely mortality and morbidity among the poor people. It is unfortunate for poor and middle income group there is hospital in the state. He also pointed out the government hospitals are outsourcing investigations and advance medical care to these corporate hospitals and this is causing huge burden on the state exchequer. The government should create its own infrastructure of the advanced diagnostic and curative procedures at Tehsil level. 
Dr Arun Mitra. Assistant Secretary, informed that the Punjab government spread minimum amount on the healthcare. Referring to the National  Samples Survey Organisation’s report he said that whereas the overall spending in the country on health is 1.04% of the GDP in Punjab it is only 0.72%. It is well known that a minimum of 6% of the GDP is to be spent by the government to meet health care needs. The out of pocket expenditure in Punjab is highest and on an average a hospitalized person has to spend Rs.28539 in Punjab against the national average Rs.18628. Punjab Government spends only Rs.728 per capita. 
Com Ramesh Rattan said that this state of affairs has to be immediately corrected as already the incident of cancer is rising in our state. 
Com Gurnam Sidhu , Com Kewal Singh Banwait, Com Vijay Kumar and Com Feroze Master pointed out that the party had some time back lodged a strong protest outside DMC & Hospital which had issued a circular that any person requiring admission in the ICU should deposit Rs.20000 for a ventilator Rs.30000 and for both Rs.50000 in advance even in the case of emergency. Therefore the upgradation of civil hospital is an immediate necessity. They also demanded a regulatory body to fix the charges of the corporate hospitals. 
Others who addressed include Com Anod Kumar, Com, Com Tiger Singh, Com Ramadhar Singh and Com Manjeet Singh Buta.
Friday, December 18, 2015