Creating awareness amongst women main motive: Dr. Navdeep


Ludhiana, 13 October, 2012: October is celebrated as the ‘Breast cancer Awareness Month’ all over the world to create awareness among women about ‘Breast cancer’ and its treatment if diagnosed early. It is the most common type of cancer found among women.

On this occasion a special programme ‘Swasth Bharat’ was telecast by Doordarshan, where renowned cancer specialist Dr. Navdeep Singh; Head of Cancer Department – Ludhiana Mediways Hospital, Ludhiana expressed his views on the issue of creating awareness of Breast cancer among women and that it could be treated if detected early.

On the occasion he said that, the month of October is celebrated as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness month’ and that this opportunity should be taken to make women aware of how they lead a healthy lifestyle and made aware of preventive and diagnostic measures that can be taken for the same. Also in this month women are encouraged to wear Pinkto raise and promote awareness on the disease in the society and women at large.

Dr. Navdeep Singh expressed his views on how there are still prevalent misconceptions in the society that cancer is incurable and the patients don’t live a normal lifestyle after treatment. Medical science has made tremendous breakthroughs in last few years and treatments are now available for diseases which were earlier thought to be untreatable. New techniques are now available which has made of treatment of Breast cancer possible and women have taken successful benefit of the same. The only issue remaining now is to make women aware of the importance of early detection of the disease so it can be treated effectively.

Dr. Navdeep saidthat, women over the age of 40 years should absolutely get an X- ray done of their breasts, the technique also known as Mammography. It is a very simple non-invasive test and costs just around Rs 800 – Rs 900, and can prevent from sending lacks on the treatment if detected later. Instead I urge that men should give this test of mammography as a gift to their wives instead of expensive gifts; and should take this issue very seriously. One reason for breast cancer is opting for delayed pregnancies among couples in today’s high paced life. Increased reluctance to breast feeding after delivery is also becoming a major cause of the disease. There is a general misconception that breast feeding leads to sagging of breasts which is not entirely true. Women can also do a self test and if they find any lump or any hard area, they should immediately consult a cancer specialist as detection of breast cancer in early stages if curable.

On further discussions Dr. Navdeep said that normally there are three types of therapies to treat cancer: namely Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. With rapid advances in the medical science new techniques and ways are emerging these days. These advances have made less painful and patients don’t need to be afraid of them anymore. Earlier chemotherapy had side effects like vomiting, nausea, skin paleness, blood deficiency and more but now technically advanced medicines are available which specifically target cancerous cells thereby reducing side effects on rest of the body.         Similarly, radiotherapy has also become much safer now. Like in earlier treatments, surgeons removed the whole breast for treatment but now just the tumour can be targeted and removed.

Finally, Dr. Navdeep advisedwomen that they can make changes in their lifestyle for reducing the chances of getting cancer. He said, that women should develop an exercise routine in daily schedule. They should increase the percentage of leafy and green vegetables in daily food intake. Also, daily consumption of garlic, tomatoes and turmeric is very healthy as these have anti-cancer properties and it reduces the chances of getting cancer.

Sunday, October 14, 2012