Criminal attempt on city’s renowned educationist


Rashhpal Dhaliwal, President Chandigarh Group of Colleges at a press briefing on Monday.

Chandigarh, January 12, 2015: Dr J S Dhaliwal, President of PUTIA and the entire fraternity of the private colleges in the region and a large number of students have expressed deep anguish at the most shocking and unfortunate incident of attempt to rob and or kidnap Dr Anshu Kataria, Chairman of Aryans Group of Colleges and Vice President of PUTIA. Further the PUTIA President Dr J S Dhaliwal, condemned and demanded a high level inquiry into the untoward incident that occurred yesterday. 
In a bizarre incident, eminent educationist of the region Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman of Aryans Group of Colleges and Vice President of PUTIA was victim of an attempt to robbery or kidnapping in broad day light on a busy street with bustling traffic, on January 11. After attending a bhog ceremony at Muktsar, Dr. Kataria was returning to Chandigarh. He stopped by at Raja Dhabha at Jagraon for light refreshments around 4.45 p.m. Unknown to Dr. Kataria, he was being followed by another car. No sooner than his car turned to the parking lot of Raja Dhaba his pursuers also pulled up behind and promptly got out their car. They approached the car of Dr. Kataria menacingly and with very clear intentions, in a well planned manner, they went to driver. At gun point they pulled him out physically, assaulted him, then got inside the car of Dr. Kataria and drove it away. Apparently they were not aware that Dr. Anshu Kataria had got down from his car and moved to the Dhaba. As providence would have it, this was most fortunate for Dr. Kataria lest any harm could have befallen him. It was definitely his good luck and the good wishes of multitude of his well wishers that he was not in the car – by a sheer matter of chance he had left to the dhaba dining area which was not noticed by his attackers.
An educationist, whose sole aim of life is to propagate learning and instill skills for employment of youth, was victim of such a harrowing experience. In one voice, the entire education fraternity seeks the intervention and help of Punjab Police to nab the culprits who are still at large. At a press briefing today Rashhpal Dhaliwal, President Chandigarh Group of Colleges stated that this is a matter of very serious concern to whole of education fraternity. It is only in an atmosphere of safety and well being that any person, most of all an educationist can render his useful services to the society. Hence, on topmost priority, the culprits should be nabbed; their evil intentions should be unearthed and stern action to be taken to avoid such incidents in future. Manjit Singh, Chairman Doaba Group of Colleges stated that such a criminal act done in broad day light at a busy intersection of the city shows that criminals have become very bold. They are operating with ease which clearly indicates the worsening law and order prevailing in the state.
In view of this unfortunate incident, an emergency meeting of PUTIA members was held today.  The meeting was attended by all dignitaries of PUTIA. Their chief concern was on the targeting of an educationist, whether it was a mere coincidence or was it an attempt to instill fear in the education fraternity. The real purpose behind the incident is what should be known which can only come to light after a detailed inquiry by the Police. 
After the meeting, delegates of PUTIA met the Senior officials of Punjab Police and handed over a memorandum soliciting his kind help to nab the culprits and understand their true intentions. 
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Monday, January 12, 2015