CT Group of Institutions celebrated National Journalism Day


photo: city air news

Jalandhar, November 17, 2016: Striding on the motive to rejoice the freedom of speech, thoughts and virtues as well as the role of media in shaping our society, CT Group of Institutions celebrated National Journalism Day on Thursday.
The day highlights the spirit of journalism every year on November 17. Highlighting such aspects of journalism viz Authenticity, Transparency, Unbiased approach, awareness, infotainment, edutainment and others, the students of Journalism and Mass Communication staged Nukkad Natak called “Patarkar Bina Sansar”.
The play was a great way to motivate our enthusiastic journalists to work without any prejudice, inhibitions and without any influence from external powers. Students said that Journalism plays a vital role in the social, political and economical aspects of the nation as well as portraying the freedom of expression the country.
The play depicted the significance of Journalists in the world which is information conscious and wants to stay familiar with the current happenings. The Nukkad Natak revolved around people who are budding Journalists but are limited by those who think that this profession is just a waste of time and has no future. The students gave the message that not every journalist is corrupt and there is still a scope for honest and ethical Journalism. They sturdily told that if we allege that Journalism is not essential then who will cater to their cognizance, which is indispensible to live in a society. Along with this, students held placards around the campus to announce that they care about authentic and reliable Journalism and they will care about the integrity of vocation.
Mr. Manbir Singh (Managing Director, CT Group of Institutions) said that the media plays a very important role in spreading harmony, peace and brotherhood amongst the citizens of India. Here, the media acts as a bridge between the government and the citizens. Often the media plays a vital role in influencing the decisions of the citizens as well by bringing all the news from every part of the society. Celebrating the National Journalism Day is a great way to encourage the journalists, their freedom of expression and quest for the truth.

Thursday, November 17, 2016