CT Varsity introduces Happiness as Curriculum


Various activities will be held to bring out positivity in a student: Amrit Kalsi

Ludhiana, June 13, 2019: CT University, under its ‘Centre for Happiness & Well Being’ introduced ‘Happiness’ as a curricular subject for students. Happiness Centre is one of its kind platforms to support, integrate, execute and align all the happiness in student’s life.

The curriculum includes psychology, definition of happiness, how and why to be happy, positivity, gratitude, maintenance of health, loving ourselves and various other factors in a 15 week programme. Elaborating further, Amrit Kalsi, Head of Department, Centre for Happiness & Well Being, said, “Team of 08 experts prepared the curriculum oriented to Happiness. The schedule even includes various individual and group activities based on bringing out positivity in a student. We are not only focusing on mental happiness rather it is a physical one as well because if one’s body is healthy and happy, then only mental peace comes out.”

Students are being stressed out from all the hardship they face during this stage. They are not just burdened by studies, but also by pressure from peer groups, family and diverse everyday encounters that are choosing good and bad.

Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor, said, “The basic idea of introducing happiness and morality at this stage for students is that they can be brought on a path that leads to a purposeful life ahead. This is a stage where they can be influenced by negative decisions and ruing their lives whereas, such motivation, 55 minutes a day, can bring out the required focus in them. Happiness is a state of mind. It means we are physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed.”

Thursday, June 13, 2019