CT Varsity organises ‘Greater Debater: The Voice of Change’

CT Varsity organises ‘Greater Debater:

Ludhiana, November 7, 2019: CT University’s Department of Happiness and Well Being organised a competition for University students named ‘Greater Debater’: a debate, extempore and declamation competition. The students were judged by Dr Puneet Sohi, Principal Mahapraygaya Convent School and Kirandeep Kaur, Head of Department (English), BBSB Convent School, Sidhwan Bait.

The topics of debate were ‘Do India needs Bullet Trains?’; ‘To be honest and poor or dishonest and rich?’, etc.; for declamation, ‘A wise man learns everyday but a fool already knows it’, ‘Is it important to be a man of heart or man of mind?’, etc.; for extempore: How do you explain red colour to a blind man’, ‘If you wake up as an opposite gender next morning’.

The winner for Debate competition at first position remained Ella Kumbakni; for Declamation was Rajdeep Hans and for Extempore Abin Piues.

Congratulating the winner, Amrit Kalsi, Head of Department of Happiness and Well Being said, “Such events definitely motivate students to voice and overcome stage fear and builds inner confidence along with self trust.”

Thursday, November 7, 2019