Dalai Lama donates USD 50,000 in relief of Indonesia quake and tsunami


Dharamshala, October 1, 2018: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has donated USD 50,000 to aid the relief efforts of Indonesia quake and tsunami. In his letter of condolence to President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dalai Lama said, “I wish to express my deep sadness at the tragic loss of life and devastation of property, as well as the hardship caused to so many people due to the major earthquake and tsunami that killed many people and injured even more on the island of Sulawesi.”
He added, “I understand that everything is being done to treat the injured and that rescue and relief efforts are underway. As a token of my sympathy, I would like to donate USD 50,000 from Dalai Lama Trust towards relief efforts.”
A 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, triggering a massive tsunami on Friday evening. The death toll on the island from the major earthquake and the tsunami has reached to over 800 as recorded on Sunday
Dalai Lama recalled his Indonesian Visit in 1982 & expressed that he felt a profound connection with the people and culture of Indonesia when he visited the historical Borobudur Stupa in 1982 and had the opportunity to offer prayers.

Monday, October 1, 2018