"Dastangoi--The Major Actors Assorted Monologues," a theatre play to be held in the city on 15th September.


Major Mohammed Ali Shah.

Hyderabad, September 12, 2017: "Dastangoi--The Major Actors Assorted Monologues", a theatre play to be held in the city at the Hotel Trident, Madhapur on 15th September.

Organised by Disruppt Thinking, a platform that is being created for individuals and companies "to Disruppt their current; enable; inspire and empower them to MASTER the POWER Within and unleash Possibilities. It will be starred by Major Mohammed Ali Shah informed Lokesh Nathany, Co-Founder of DiSRUPPt Thinking LLP and Life & Financial Coach, Mentor & Investor.

Major Mohammed Ali Shah is theater personality, film actor and a social activist He acted in FTII alumnus Shriram Raghavan's " Agent Vinod" and Vishal Bhardwaj's " Haider".

Shah is the son of Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (PVSM, SM, VSM) Former Deputy Chief of The Army Staff, former member Armed Forces Tribunal and the former Vice Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University. He is the nephew of actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Dastangoi refers to the art of storytelling; it s a compound of two Persian words Dastan and goi which means to tell a Dastan. The art form was revived in India in 2005 and since then has been accepted as one of best ways of storytelling.

Dastangoi is a 13th-century oral storytelling art from.

At the center of the dastangoi, is the dastan goi, or storyteller, whose voice is his primary artistic tool in orally recreating the dastan of the story. In the process of telling the story, the narrator’s freely borrowed tropes and themes from other stories.

A series of brief monologues recited and enacted by Major Mohammed Ali Shah. He will hold your attention for 75 minutes where he enacts the speech of famous play wright Mohan Rakesh's most popular play " Aadhe adhure" in shudh Hindi. Ali narrates the story of Oedipus and Rex, an ancient Greek tragedy in chaste Urdu. It will be followed by a complicating and a hilarious piece where he explains how he becomes his grandpa in English. A few speeches from William Shakespeare's famous plays such as “Julius Caesar" and "The merchant of Venice". Recitation of Mirza Ghalib's letters which he knows by heart, a nazm by popular poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz apart from other monologues and couplets which will grip you and make you hold on to your seats…

Tuesday, September 12, 2017