A Day Adventure Capsule- for four days commences at Innocent Hearts School


One of the participants during a day adventure camp at Innocent Hearts School, Loharan Campus on Tuesday.  

Jalandhar, April 21, 2015: A day adventure camp commences today at Innocent Hearts School, Loharan Campus.  This camp is organized with the collaboration of “Rock Sport”. On the first day of the capsule, Two hundred and eighty two students of classes II and III took part in the adventurous activities vigorously. The adventure activities were Body Zorb, Tug of War, Hamster Wheel, Laser Beam, Hop Scotch, Commando Crawl, Rope Ladder Climbing and many more.  The attraction of the day was Commando Crawl, Three tire hurdles activities. The students enjoyed the day under the supervision of school teachers and professional instructors. The day was full of fun and adventure for them. The Mid day meal and proper lunch was provided to the students. Our dear ones were guided at each step. . They had a joyful and enriching experience.  At the end of the day, the certificates were given to the participants. During these four days, different classes would go and have thrilling.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015