DCM Presidency School celebrated 68th Independence Day


Students of DCM Presidency School, Ludhiana on Thursday celebrate 68th Independence Day.

Ludhiana, August 14, 2014: Zeal and fervour marked the day at D.C.M Presidency School. A special assembly was conducted on the eve of India’s 68th Independence Day. The day commenced with the blessings of lord. The students commemorated the martyrs and endeavoured to present a wonderful programme.

 The students of Class-VII depicted certain incidents from the life of Mahatma Gandhi in a well-knit skit showcasing his beliefs and convictions. A synchronised group song was also sung by the students. A power point presentation highlighting the struggle for independence and gradual progress shown by the country in these years was also shown to the students. An amalgamation of dance and music added rhythm to the ambience and filled the hearts of the students with love for their nation. Their indomitable spirit and patriotic fervour was palpable in the air. The students also reminisced the sacrifices of the martyrs by reciting poems.

The Principal, Nupur Nutan, congratulated the students on the eve of Independence Day and inspired them to contribute towards their nation.

Thursday, August 14, 2014