De-stressing session for teachers by team of Brahmkumaris at Innocent Hearts School


photo: city air news

Jalandhar, July 18, 2016: A session of de- stressing for the teachers by the Brahmkumaris was organised at Innocent Hearts School Green Model Town . The session began by Mr.Gaurav from the team of Brahmkumaris. He mentioned about works of Brahmkumaris. This was followed by chanting of the Mantra ‘Om’, by Didi Meera, and Didi Madhu and they told us that we are a peaceful soul and human beings are a beautiful creation of the God. The way to handle students as per their psychology was also explained to the teachers. They gave examples from real life situations and taught how to live stress free life. Didi Madhu talked about the Meditation way of living adopted by Dadi Jaanki and she explained the teachers the process of meditation and made them do there. A souvenir was presented to the Director Principal of School- Mr. heeraj Banati by Didi Meera and Didi Madhu. The stage was conducted by Mrs.Ambika Pasrija. At the end of the session, the Principal- Mr. Dheeraj Banati presented a vote of thanks to the Brahmkumaris team and give emphasis to to do meditate daily.

Monday, July 18, 2016