Decision for revising teachers’ salary welcomed


Ferozepur , September 14, 2012: Punjab Education Reforms Committee has welcomed the decision of the Education Department for announcing the salary to RSMA, SSA and CSS category teacher’s equivalent to the regular teachers. 

 As per the sources, with the issuance of instructions by Secretary Schools education department, Husan Lal on September 13, the salary of 3,798 teachers working under Sarv Sikhya Abhiyan in primary wing have been increased from Rs.14,500 consolidated to Rs.27,000 per month.  Similarly, the salary of 6,873 teachers under SSA and 1,630 under RSMA scheme under upper-primary, middle, high and secondary schools, have not been revised from Rs.18,000 to Rs.30,500 per month. 

Another 30 primary teachers working under CSS and 10 upper primary teachers will also get Rs.30,500 per month.

The decision of giving the revised consolidates pay to RSMA and SSA teachers was taken by the Punjab Cabinet in its meeting on August 28 this year for which the instructions have been issued by the Education Department.

It is pertinent to mention here that these instructions and notification will only be implemented on receipt of 65 per cent grant from the centre but this has definitely brought a ray of hope amongst the 12331 teachers under RSMA, SSA and CSS categories.

Jaswant Singh Gill, president, Hans Raj and Raj Kishore Kalra, state spokesmen of Education Reforms Committee have shown satisfaction over the decision of the Punjab Government.  They Committee members have, however, demanded from the Punjab Government to approach the centre government for the allotment of budget for the purpose so that the teachers are paid their salaries accordingly and henceforth, the notification of consolidated pay should be issued on Ist April every year without any delay.

Friday, September 14, 2012