DELHI minor rape case: Human Rights Legal Service Welfare Society asks 11 questions

Ferozepur, April 22, 2013:  The increasing frequency of  rape cases in the capital and the rest of the country is putting a big question mark on the working of the government especially the police in lacking the courage and the sensitivity needed to deal with issues like security of women.  There has been nationwide protests demanding to give death sentence of those guilty of raping minors and involved in brutal rapes by incorporating the provisions in the anti-rape law, in view of recent rape of five-year-old girl in Delhi.

Manoj, the main accused has been arrested from Bihar and as per the preliminary investigations, he was not alone and his accomplice has also been arrested from the designated place.  The heinous crime has been condemned by one and all and rare of the rarest punishment is the voice from every corner.  Even the wife of Manoj wants harsh punishment if the allegations were found true.

Human Rights Legal Service Welfare Society, Ferozepur Unit, besides condemning the rape of a minor girl, has decided to financially help the victim’s family, has prepared a questionnaire for the police to be answered when no clear-cut statements are coming from the government. 

HRLSWS, President, Mohinder Kumar Kureel has demanded immediate action against the rapist through Fast Track Court so that a message could go to the society and repetition of such crimes is curbed as such crimes and persons are a blot on the society as well.

Q1 : What else proof are required by the police when the rapists have been named by the victim and doctors have confirmed the brutalised rape with severe injuries…..?

Q2 :  When sufficient proofs are available, why DNA test to delay the justice process?

Q3 : In case the DNA report is negative, will the rapists will be made escort-free?

Q4 : Why the father of the `Gudiya’ was being bribed for Rs.2,000 to hush-up the case and what action has been taken on this statement?

Q5 : Why the Delhi police is using the delaying tactics by floating the legal points?

Q6 : Are the available witnesses and proofs are not sufficient enough to award punishment under the law to the rapist?

Q7 : What measures the police is taking to further stop the crimes?

Q8 : What moral responsibility is owned by the police officers on failing to register the FIR in such cases?

Q9 : What action has been taken on the police officer who slapped the girl protesting against the brutal crime?

Q10 : What police reforms are proposed in the event of poor conduct of the police personnel?

Q11 : What time factor is being fixed by the police to put the challan in such sensitive cases?

Monday, April 22, 2013