DEV SAMAJ COLLEGE FOR WOMEN celebrates ‘Maat Pita Santan Diwas’


Gathering during celebrations of ‘Maat Pita Santaan Divas’ in the premises of Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur city.

Ferozeur, February 18, 2013: It is very difficult to explain the unique contribution to the world of most worshipable Bhagwan Dev Atma, founder of Dev Samaj.  

In the IV part of Dev Shastra, the subtle explanation of 16 human relations is given laying stress on living with peace and understanding in relations.

In the culture of Dev Samaj, these relations are celebrated with great enthusiasm and the first relation is of Parents-Children relation and in the last few days, to spread the message of duties of children towards parents and of parents towards children besides Do’s and Dont’s, in whole of the world, a ‘Maat Pita Santaan Divas’ was celebrated in the premises of Dev Samaj College for Women with great enthusiasm.

In this sacred and pious progrmme,  M. R. Manchanda, secretary, Dev Samaj, Managing Committee and Dr. Madhu Prashar, principal and members of Dev Samaj, prominent citizens of city were present.

The programme started with the recitation of bhajan ‘Sharda Bhajan Maat Pitaji, Sharda Bhav Karoon Uphaar’ followed by brief lecture on parents-children relations by Dr. Suman Sharma.

Dr. Madhu Prashar addressing the audience shared the thoughts of Bhagan Dev Atma towards parents and children and said, as per demand of the time, the youths of today remembering the active and selfless kindness of parents, must in return pay the love, respect and family feeling to curb the tendency of coming up of Old Age Homes.  The first responsibility of sons and daughters towards parents is to follow their footsteps by showing gratitude, love and feeling of duty and devotion so that any difference in relations are converted in better relations.  By giving various examples, by Dr. Madhu Prashar, the audience was spell bound.

At the end of the programme, about 25 students honoured their parents with garlands on the stage and expressed their confessions by realising their mistakes.

A short play on the life of Sharvan Kumar was also presented on this occasion. It was looking a like a paradise on earth when students and parents in thousands garlanded the principal of the college showing their love and gratitude. 

Monday, February 18, 2013