Dhruvee Haldankar lives the purple life with Trideviyaan


Dhruvee Haldankar as Suhasani Chauhan in Trideviyaan.
photo: city air news

Actress Dhruvee Haldankar who is just 28 years old is seen playing the role of a 50 year old woman in Sony Sab’s Trideviyaan. She is portraying the role of Suhasani Chauhan, wife of Dinanath Chauhan (Rituraj Singh). We caught up with the actress to know about her role in the show. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

How is it playing the role of a 50 year old woman?
I’m living the color purple every day. Purple is the color that stands for passion. I am a performer and an entertainer. I want to only entertain my audiences as much. Hence, age doesn’t matter till my roles depict my versatility as an actor.

You are from a journalist background. What prompted you to step into acting?
I have been a television anchor and a radio jockey. However, I wanted to be an actress from the age of three. It’s a very important saying, wait, till your time comes. I guess mine has started now.

What has been your experience in acting with Rituraj Singh?
He plays my husband on the show. He is fire cracker on screen as well as off-screen. Rituraj is extremely jovial and a super talented human being. Its great fun to work with him.

What has been your experience in shooting for Trideviyaan so far?
Each day on the set comes as a challenge to me. Everyday there is so much to learn. I haven’t done any action sequence yet. However, I would love to be a part of all the action happening on record and off record.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016