It’s most shameful to witness another barbaric act of brutal rape with 4 year old girl in daylight at a school in Dhuri. This most pathetic and gruesome inhuman act of a 4 year girl being raped is nothing but shame on our community which we proudly boost of being spirituality, religion, where traditional norms prevail over modernism . See what happens when the moral boundaries are broken and in this case of rape the person who has been employed to take care of school children himself became the perpetrator of the crime. Where are we heading for? Let society and law not blame each other and they must together play their appropriate roles to curb this menace by joining hands with some NGO’s in studying the mindsets of these psychopaths who are still indulging in such heinous acts and rather quarantine them from the society.
Its high time for instant stringent punishment to the accused who indulge in such ruthless act committing rape with minors. Parents need to be more vigilant and educate boys to respect girls/women. Infact time and again new set of laws have been framed to protect modesty of women from heinous sexual crimes, recent being death penalty for accused if found guilty in rape of girl less than 12 years of age. But even after stringent verdict of death penalty such incidents of rape with minors are reported almost on regular basis all over the nation which clearly reveal that such unscrupulous elements who commit such ruthless acts, have no fear of punishment and still society is witnessing such ruthless crime on minor girls. Lawyers consequently being the vital cog in the creation and maintenance of societies in which the rule of law, democratic values and human rights are observed, should urge not to let any sort of “protectionism” in the legal system towards the aid of the accused who commit offences related to rape. Rather this ruthless crime is another grim reminder of how unsafe are women/girl child in our country, hence in this bestial act case the accused must be hanged, as this will be the only substitute for the unscrupulous elements who commit such ruthless acts, as the offenders this way cannot frequently be dismissed and they will have fear of punishment and think twice before committing such ruthless crime – ‘Rape’.
(Author Harpreet Sandhu is Author & Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Monday, May 27, 2019