DIESEL SALE: FAIPT advises its dealer members across country


Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal.

Ludhiana, February 2, 2013: The Federation of All India Petroleum Traders National Secretary Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said that recently the Ministry of Petroleum has announced partial decontrolled of diesel on which oil marketing companies have advised their dealership network not to sell diesel in bulk quantities.
Talking with media here today, he added this has created confusion because the word “Bulk” has not been defined. The only thing it says is the sales should be done through the nozzle of the petrol pump. The problem arises when people come with big containers to buy diesel for their gen sets, in such case what is the maximum quantity that can be supplied. Petroleum products are the part of Essential Commodities Act and as long as the dealer has the stock he cannot refuse the supply as per the law as it stands today.
Grewal stated that they have requested oil marketing companies to issue clear written instruction supported by government notification clearly defining therein as to whom all can be supplied diesel and who all shall be refused so as to avoid any law and order problem due to this new phenomena.
He said till then, FAIPT has advised their 42,000 dealer members across the country to sell on single retail sale price to all the customers as there is no guideline or policy on bulk customers for different rates till now.

Saturday, February 2, 2013