Director Manish Srivastava celebrated his birthday with cast and crew of different serials of Mubu TV


Narshi & Manish Srivastava.

MUBU TV kept the birthday party for Director Manish Srivastava with cast and crew of four serials and guest at Tulsi Bagh Bungalow, Malad West . The dream of every Indian is the tag line of MUBU TV .Promos of all four serials was played in this event. The serials are - Return of School Days cast- Komal Kundar, Amit Das, Apeksha Deshmukh, Vishmitha Dsouza, Manjari Mishra , Aishani Yadav, Mayank Shekhar . Manish Srivastava is the Writer and Director of this show. The second show is ‘Ajab Saas Ki Gajab Bahu’ directed by Vidyut Shah . Himani Shivpuri, Kishori Ambiya, R K Datta, Ankita Khare and Vishal Naik are the cast . The third show is Gujarat Bhavan directed by Dharmesh Mehta. Cast- Dharmesh Vyas,Rajendra Gupta, Sheela Sharma, Soniya Shah, Ruchi Tripathi, Prince . The fourth show is Chor Foolish . Naved Jafri and Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor came to wish all the best to Manish Srivastava.The party went till vee hours.

Thursday, January 10, 2019