DMCH celebrates ISCCM Foundation Day- Organ Donation -A gift for Life


Ludhiana, October 10, 2017: Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine celebrated its foundation day with theme of this year “Organ Donation -A gift for Life”.

Principal Dr Sandeep Puri, emphasised the stark contrast number of patients on the transplant waiting lists andin the number of organs available in our state. He told that many of these patients die with lack facility and shortage of organs. He said one cadaveric (brain-dead) donor can live through many lives by donating his organs if family comes forward for this noble cause. This is particularly true for end stage liver disease patients who require a liver transplant and do not have the option of prolonging life via dialysis as is true in kidney disease. If live donor option is not available in the family most liver disease patients die in the emergency wards of hospitals around the state.

Critical Care Medicine department at DMCH under headship of Prof P L Gautam, in association with ROTTO (Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation) based at PGI organised a candid seminar on status of organ donation in Punjab.

Dr Vipin Koushal, Nodal officer for ROTTO, highlighted key facts relating to organ donation with India standing at 0.05 donors per million population, which is one of the lowest number in the world. He highlighted the active role that our political agencies and bureaucratic agencies are playing in setting the stage for promoting organ donation in the state and putting transparent systems in place for these vital organs to reach the rightful recipients.

Dr Gagandeep Singh and Dr Rajinder Bansal from Department of Neurology at DMCH headed the debate for the need for recognising brain dead patients who die whilst on a ventilator as they form the single vital source of viable and utilisable organs. Liver Transplant surgeons – Dr Girn and Dr Singla highlighted that it is a difficult decision for the families to make at such difficult times when their own loved one is dying but these people are true heroes. These people live even after death through the recipients who can utilise their organs and go on to lead normal lives.

Management of DMCH under leadership of Mr Prem Gupta, Secretary DMCH, have always been in favour of cadaveric donation and have promoted such activities which enhance the understanding and commitment of the public in embracing this noble act of organ donation. Prof R S Chhina also commented on the need for the entire faculty and management to make a team effort to see organ donation increase in the hospital and our state so patients on the transplant waiting lists can benefit from this and asked everyone to be ambassadors for organ donation in the state.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017