Do not trust WhatsApp forwards if source is not known: Dr Amit Nagpal

Fixed routine, discipline must for ‘Work from Home’: Achyuta Ghosh

Do not trust WhatsApp forwards if source is not known: Dr Amit Nagpal
Dr Amit Nagpal, Author, Heroes Amongst Us.

Chandigarh: The nationwide lockdown and curfew in the wake of Covid-19 crisis has forced most of the companies and offices to adopt the ‘work from home’ mode for next 21 days or more. In line with the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chandigarh chapter of Bloggers Alliance hosted a twitter chat on the current situation, in which experts from all over the country participated with enthusiasm. Topics like work from home, fake news and immunity boosting were discussed.
Achyuta Ghosh, head, NASSCOM Research, said, “First of all, you need to define your office space and environment at home, and treat it like one. This is probably the biggest hurdle to effective #remoteworking. A bigger tool which is not digital, but too critical in boosting productivity in a work from home environment is maintaining a definite routine i.e. getting ready for work well in time and dressing up for work. Designated work space also helps.”
“There are various efficiency software which addresses this concern. Tools like
@toggl and Serene have extensive time management, micro goal setting, and obtrusion management functions. But see software can do as much. It is important to track mood and motivation of #workfromhome employees, where apps like @thechampchimp actually monitor employee feedback and make remote working effective. @Proofhub and @basecamp are other great project management software,” he added.
Dr Amit Nagpal, author and storyteller, commenting on the dangers of fake news in the time of Coronavirus, said, “Virality of fake content makes it dangerous too. I watch ‘Viral Sach’ for verification or Google to see credible websites talking about it. A story is as credible as the storyteller. Same way, a news is as credible as the source. So you can’t trust WhatsApp forwards where source is not known.”
Ved Prakash Singh, HR Tech professional suggested that video conferencing and collaboration tools are a life line. Tools like @Zoom_us and @Flock are good for remote work.
On home from work, Dr Aquill Busrai, Interntional HR Consultant, said, “Having a specific work place and avoiding casual dressing helps. It makes one feel that it is work time. No peeking at news or cricket score in between or snacking.”
According to Ms Jennifer Sertl, Digital Economy Expert, “For resources regarding work from home, hashtags like #remotework and #remotelife are great.”
Vikesh Dhyani, Publisher, Oakbridge, recommended trustworthy sources like World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health (Govt of India) and  Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to cross check the authenticity of Corona news.
Chandrakant Patil said, “If the story seems more surprising and upsetting, then it is worth double-checking, so one can use popular fact-checking websites such as or apfactcheck, which highlight common fake news stories as well.
Rahul Jain, HR professional, said, “Double check the source. Check few news channels or websites. More importantly, don’t forward information which is not verified.”
Vijay Nallawala, mentor of Bipolar Disorder, said, “It is important to sanitize our minds. How much of news updates on coronavirus do we really need? We need to separate the important information from toxic news. Mental wellness and physical wellness, both are important in these stressful times.”
Dr Nupur Gupta, Gynecologist, Well Woman Clinic said, Gurgaon, said, “If you are a person of strong immunity, you will develop less severe symptoms of Covid19. Isolate yourself for 14 days, if you have met a person with travel history. It will help you as well as others. Immunity at this time of crisis can be boosted by healthy eating habits, less panic, adequate sleep and proper hydration.”
Minal Jagtiani, author, When Change Happens, said, “more than physical immunity, for which there are home recipes and a non-negotiable exercise regimen, what is compulsory is to ensure mental strength, emotional health, a support system for those feeling isolation and interactive, virtual meetings with family, friends, teams and colleagues.”
Archana Khurana Sharma, meditation techniques coach, said, “Just sit in a comfortable position, preferably erect spine. Concentrate on breathing - Inhale by counting 1 to 7, hold breath and release it counting 1 to 7. Do it for 4-5 minutes, practice. Just enjoy the state of thoughtlessness.”
Kriti Makhija, CFO, GenesisBCW, D Prashant Nair, Angel Investor, L S Murthy, Strategy Chief Operating Officer, Hyderabad, Vinita Jain, Director, Prachar Communications Ltd. also participated in the twitter chat.
Narvijay Yadav, President, Chandigarh Chapter of Bloggers Alliance said, “The tweet chat will be a regular weekly feature now onwards. It will be hosted every Sunday at 6.30 pm on different topics.”