UP drama likely to put a significant effect on the social scenario in the time to come


Author, Manoj Dhiman

A fight between father and son has been on in Uttar Pradesh. The latest development is that the father has expelled his son from the party. As such, the "family" fight has finally arrived on the road. Whatever may be the circumstances the ongoing infighting between the duo publically is not giving a good messages not only to people of UP and electorates there but also to the whole Indians. It is believed that father-son always have a strong bonding and understanding. In case of any kind of misunderstanding, the matter is tried to be resolved inside the home, without giving any chance to enemies and all others to interfere in the "family matter". But, when the family fight reaches on the road then the situation goes out of proportions and chances of settlement get bleak. Still, if there arrives a compromise and both get reunited the relationships fail to remain as these were in the past. The ongoing family drama is likely to hit hard the overall political scenario in UP and other parts of the country and at the same time it is likely to set a new precedent on the social segment too. The families are already becoming nuclear and strong bonding of relationships are eroding day-by-day due to one and other reason, and the present UP drama is likely to put a significant effect on the social scenario in the time to come.

Saturday, December 31, 2016