Today - 26th June 2019 on the eve of International Day Against Drug Abuse - 2019, Punjab & Haryana High Court Lawyer, Harpreet Sandhu emphasized that as the future of every society is dependent on the quality and potential of its youth towards their respective work and role in society. Today drug addiction has emerged as a major challenge within our society, with members of all age groups right from school children to youth in its grip. As the future of every society is dependent on the potential of its youth towards their respective role in the society, it’s really sad to witness that now a days several youth under the influence of liquor, intoxicants and drugs commit criminal acts like stealing from their own house, robberies for want of money to maintain the constant supply of drugs which is rather spoiling their future. The consumption of smack is particularly on the rise among the youth, while synthetic drugs are easily available at chemist shops. No doubt the authorities are on their toes and have have done great job by implementing well defined policy to fight the drug menace and have put brakes on evil to some extent by way of reinforcing strong disciplinary measures but the results will be magnificent if each and every member of the society contributes equally towards the concern and help to create an anti drug social environment . Enforcing agencies must drastically reduce availability of illicit drugs and crush the distribution network, clinics may detoxify large number of addicts and educational institutions can guide their pupils how to get rid of this social evil which may ruin their future to ashes. It’s a matter of deep concern that the prime youth has indulged in big way as drug addicts and stand no where towards any sort of sports, profession etc. Behavioral disorder and parental disharmony are some of the current common factors leading to drug abuse, besides overambitious adolescents having stress on their independence or even low academic aspiration and motivation or poor performance at school, frustration, depression and anxiety are to name a few, thus parents and elders in specific need to keep a close watch on their kin towards their behavioral changes, they must spend quality time and try to counsel them regarding their day to day problems, giving message – that drug use is wrong, dangerous and intolerable.
(Author, Harpreet Sandhu, is Lawyer, Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019