Dt Neeta Dewan delivers talk on “Diabetes is a Sweet Killer – Starve, Defeat and Kill Diabetes with Proper Diet Control”


Dt Neeta Dewan delivering talk on diabetes in Ludhiana on Tuesday.

Ludhiana, November 14, 2017: On the occasion of World Diabetes Day today Dt Neeta Dewan, Diet and Nutrition Consultant, Neeta Dewan Diet Guide Centre, Dewan Hospital, Ludhiana gave a talk on “ Diabetes is a Sweet Killer – Starve, Defeat and Kill Diabetes with Proper Diet Control”.

Dt Neeta Dewan said that India has become a diabetic capital of the world and a significant number of Indian population is falling victim to heart disease, blood pressure, brain strokes, kidney failure and sever infections in their bodies due to this killer disease. She said that diabetes other than due to genetic predisposition is basically due to two factors; Lack of exercise and less involvement with sports on day to day basis and poor dietary habits, lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and food fads.
She said in her lecture that diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by decreased ability of the tissues of our bodies to utilize glucose. It also results in disturbances in the fat and protein metabolism, these are converted into glucose to meet the deficiency of glucose as it is passed out in urine and so diabetic patients lose their proteins. The disorder is due to absence, deficiency or ineffectiveness of Insulin. The early stages of diabetes are symptomless and are therefore neglected. They are usually discovered incidentally during routine checkups of blood or urine for some other ailments.

Dt Neeta Dewan said that lifestyle and diet management is a fundamental aspect of diabetes care and includes diabetes self-management support. Each person requires individualized nutritional plan of action. The emphasis is on healthy eating pattern and nutrient dense food. Replace refined carbohydrates and added sugars rich foods like cakes pastries biscuits and noodles with whole grains, legumes, vegetables and low sugar fruits e.g. guava, papaya and about 100gms of apple or pear a day. Vegetables which can be used freely include green leafy vegetables with high fiber. Limit high starch vegetables like potato, arbi, jimikand etc.. Avoid saturated fats and trans-fat rich creamy gravies with butter or cream. Avoid fruit juices and high sugar fruits like cheekoo, mangoes and grapes.

Obesity often leads to diabetes and it is seen that reduction in weight as little as 5 % to 7% helps in lowering diabetes drastically.

Fenugreek seeds (Methi seeds) are known to help reduce high sugar levels. They contain an alkaloid Trigonelline which is known to lower blood sugar. Adding black gram flour and barley flour to wheat flour in the ratio of 1:1:2 helps to regulate blood sugar. Having fibers like isabgoal, wheat bran or guar gum also has beneficial effect on blood sugar. A spoon of flaxseed powder take on daily basis, on an empty stomach is also helpful.

In the end she said that anyone can defeat diabetes with proper diet and proper physical activates and that people should eat not with their tongues but with their brains. She gave the slogan - “Diabetes is a Sweet Killer – Starve, Defeat and Kill Diabetes with Proper Diet Control”.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017