e-TRIP system: Dhanda says state government trying to find out solution to all apprehensions


Ludhiana, August 20, 2012: Punjab State Medium Industries Board vice-chairman, Satish Dhanda, has said the state government was trying to find out a solution to all apprehensions against the newly launched e-TRIP system.

Speaking to City Air News here today, he added traders had an apprehension that their password might be misused.

However, the government was trying to check occurrence of any such possibility. He told that the state government was contemplating to ensure that the concerned trader should get an automatically generally sms immediately after entry of transaction. He said this would be on the pattern of Banks’ ATMs.

Another system under consideration of the state government was to ensure sending of automatically generated e-mail to concerned trader after entry into e-TRIP.

Likewise, the state government was trying to find out solutions to other apprehensions of the traders. All the aspects were being studies technically.

Dhanda categorically said the state government was not in a hurried manner to impose penalties on traders in case they did not follow the new system because of certain technical reasons.

Monday, August 20, 2012