Employees’ wellness program `We Care for You’ organised


CT Group of Institutions in association with Jerath Path Labs organised “Employees Wellness Program” providing discounted Full Body Health Check up, at Jalandhar.
photo: city air news

Jalandhar, May 31, 2016: Companies always try to figure out just how far they can go to keep their workers fit and healthy. Keeping it in mind, CT Group of Institutions in association with Jerath Path Labs organized Employees wellness program “We Care for You.”
Under the program, employees are provided with discounted full Body Health Check Card which includes tests like Blood Sugar, Thyroid Function Test, Lipid Profile, Liver Function test, Kidney Function test, Blood Count (CBC), Vitamin D3 and HBA 1C. The cards provided to the employees will get them a benefit to avail the initiative at Rs 800 instead of Rs. 2850. Moreover, the card is valid for two.
When the employees were briefed about the initiative, they were seen highly motivated. One of the employees said that getting a Health Checkup done is one of the foremost steps to good health. It is a general welfare measure for all who may have been or could have been exposed to a health hazard. They appreciated the efforts of CT Group of Institutions for thinking and working towards their employees’ welfare.
Mr. Manbir Singh (Managing Director, CT Group of Institutions) said, “The initiative has designed to motivate employees to get in shape and address medical and lifestyle issues. Nearly every major employer has some sort of initiative, many of which reward workers for their participation with discounts on insurance premiums or extra cash in their reimbursement accounts. But we came up with this wellness program that will not only help them but their peers too.”
S. Charanjit Singh Channi (Chairman, CT Group of Institutions) thanked Jerath Path Labs for supporting them in this initiative. He said, “Prevention is better than cure" - the age old saying stands all the more valuable in the present world as the human body undergoes a combination of physical and mental stress situations due to our hectic lifestyles which drain a lot out of our body. This Health check designed keeping in mind that they are useful in detecting diseases that may not produce early warning signs and may become 'silent killers' if neglected at the right time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016