ENSURE QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL: AISF seminar calls upon students to join in large number in nationwide rally on Feb 18 at Delhi


Ludhiana, February 10, 2019: A seminar on Education for all organized today by the All India Students Federation (AISF) at Shaheed Karnail Singh Isru Bhawan, Ludhiana asked the government to ensure quality education for all, end commercialization of education and rid it of obscurantist ideas.
Inaugurating the seminar Com.Charan Singh Sarabha, veteran teacher leader of Punjab said that the governments have completely taken off their hands from education and pushed it into the hands of private sector. Budget on education has been successively reduced. As a result of this the education has not only become expensive but is also losing its content to inculcate scientific outlook among students. Primary education is the basis of development of a person’s mindset. But there are several schools who are poisoning the minds of children on communal and caste lines completely negating the teachings and aspirations of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha and other revolutionaries. There is concerted effort by the Sangh Privar to saffronize education and introduce obscurantist ideas in the syllabi.
Dr Arun Mitra, in his address said that Kothari commission appointed by the government way back in 1964 has recommended common area schools for all sections of society where children mingle with each other. But this has been completely ignored by the successive governments. Instead with large scale entry of rich and the affluent who consider education as a commodity, the education has become for sale and out of reach of common students. The higher education is badly affected and it has been taken over by the education mafia.
Com. M S Bhatia said that students must be proud to be part of the All India Students Federation (AISF) which has played glorious role during freedom struggle and later on after independence for education to all and a society based on justice and equality.
Ms. Karamjeet Kaur Badhni informed that the AISF is organizing a big rally at Delhi on 18th February and called upon the students to participate in it and force the Modi government to change its policy towards education. Deepak Kumar, General Secretary AISF Ludhiana assured of effective participation in the Delhi rally. He said that in the struggle will be launched for end to commercialization of education, no to obscurantist ideas in education system, proper space to the martyrs of the nation in the syllabus and frame the content of education to inculcate scientific outlook among students. They will also launch movement for guarantee of jobs as per the qualification.
Others who addressed the seminar include Saurav Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, Sunny, Ms. Kartika, Jyoti, Rity Kumari, Ram and Kalach Chander.

Sunday, February 10, 2019