Epic play competition held at Ivy world School to give students insight into Indian culture


photo: city air news

Jalandhar, December 30, 2016: An Epic play competition was held at Ivy world School to give the students an Insight into the Indian culture. It involved a lot of learning. Hero worship was and is a central aspect of Indian culture and this readily lent itself to a literary tradition that abounded in epic poetry and literature. It derives from ancient oral tradition narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the past history of a nation as it engenders real human behavior in acting through techniques to absorb the audiences completely in a fictional world of the play staged by means of documentary effects, gestures, narration and strategies to cultivate an objective response. An epic play housewise competition was held in Ivy world school auditorium. All the participants exhibited their talent to best of their abilities.Principal,Ivy world school ,appreciated the efforts of all the children and teachers .Champion house bagged first position, the students who participated were Armaan, Anant ,Divyam, Radhika, Shreyans Jain, Nitish, Pranav, Parmeet, Simran, Hartaj, Sahibpreet kaur,Rupreet, Aanush. Winners house bagged second position, the students who participated were Harveer, Jaisel, Japjaap, Prachi, Sangeen, Anshika, Rahul, Sneha,Gautam Behal, Panini,Gibi, Manik,Akshay,Anirudh,Harsha,Gunjit.Victor House bagged the third position.

Saturday, December 31, 2016